We offer a full range of over 6,000 items, carefully chosen from the best regional specialities as well as leading national and international brands.


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Selections and gastronomic solutions from all over the world

Our offerings span the excellent products available in the Marche region to authentic products belonging to traditional Italian cuisine and curated delicacies from all over the world.

One of our factories is located in the port of Ancona, just a short distance from the docking areas and close to the fish market. This proximity guarantees unparalleled freshness, excellence, and a vast range of products available every day of the year, 24/7.

Every day, we select the best catches at the right prices at auctions in Ancona, Civitanova Marche, San Benedetto del Tronto, and Fano. Upon arrival at our Ancona factory, the fish is inspected, cleaned, and carefully prepared.

Imported fresh fish is delivered daily by air, land and sea.
During fishing suspension periods, we provide daily deliveries of fresh Adriatic fish sourced from Croatia and Greece, and we regularly receive air shipments of fish from northern Europe.

Skalo has been sourcing fish from every corner of the globe for more than 45 years, guaranteeing constant quality. How? Thanks to our extensive industry expertise, ability to procure large amounts of fish products frozen directly on-board ships (up to 10 million kg per year), solid financial foundation, and the capacity of our 20,000 cubic metres of cold storage.

An overview of our products:

  • the finest scampi, caught in the cold north seas and immediately frozen on-board ships;
  • Ecuadorian red prawns in a range of sizes (we are Italy’s top importers);
  • squid, both cleaned and whole, and premium calamari, sourced from trusted suppliers;
  • octopus, and monkfish caught in the Pacific Ocean;
  • molluscs, whole fish (fillets or slices).

We offer a wide range of frozen foods to enhance your menu offerings.

Our range includes over twenty varieties of chips, including oven chips. We also offer a vast array of vegetables, ready to be cooked to suit your needs, whether boiled, baked, roasted, fried, or simply sautéed.

Our range of frozen pasta, whether long, short, or filled, encompasses traditional flavours and some unique combinations, all frozen and packaged in IQF for faster cooking.

Single-portion bread, make-your-own pizza bases, traditional Marche flatbread, ready-bake croissants and cakes, and a range of savoury snacks, including mini pizzas, pastries and breakfast options. Under our Amico Chef brand, we provide ascolana olives, including those filled with fish (cooked or ready to cook), cremini, mini mozzarella cheeses, brochettes, and ready-to-cook or customisable recipes to suit your tastes, all backed by our guarantee of quality.

To complete our selection, we offer desserts, practical cake slices, single-portion semifreddi, and artisanal ice cream in 4.75-litre containers, perfect for pairing with any dessert you desire!

When it comes to fresh meat, we provide a range of local IGP breeds from the Marche and Apennines, carefully selected at every stage of the supply line. Our meat is matured and chosen specially to create precision cuts that maximise yield, before being packed to ensure excellence and freshness.

We offer the very best selection of Italian and international white veal.

For tender young beef and local options from the Marche, we can also provide pieces on the bone, off the bone, or ready portioned, from Italian, European and non-European farms.

Our range also includes Australian meat and our leading product, Scottona heifer.

When it comes to poultry and pork, we only select locally produced products, with chicken from cage-free farms and pigs raised in an open-cycle system.

Our products are processed on-site, ensuring a fully traceable supply line from the Marche region.

For lamb and mutton, we consistently offer a variety sourced from the Marche and Abruzzo regions.

When it comes to grocery products, we have over 6,000 available items, offering customers the opportunity to create menus that respect local traditions and showcase exclusive, renowned brands from Italian cuisine.

With our Oroverde brand, you can explore an excellent selection of Carnaroli rice, wholegrain black rice, Hermes wholegrain red rice and Apollo (the Italian variant of Basmati), as well as oil, durum wheat pasta, tomatoes, flour, spices, legumes, artichokes, mushrooms, olives, sauces, single-dose condiments, breakfast items, preserves, chocolate, cake mixes, and much more.

Our selection of cured meats includes typical local, Italian, and international specialities. The range showcases regional products with DOP and IGP designations, including prosciutto from Norcia, ciauscolo sausage, Marche lonza, Fabriano salame, together with Italian hors d’oeuvres essentials like prosciutto di Parma, Bologna mortadella, Bresaola cured beef, Trentino speck, and other delicacies.

Thanks to our Principe dei Sibillini line, we are able to provide 100% authentic products from the Marche. Skalo’s range of cheeses and dairy products are used by industry professionals and made by carefully chosen producers and raw material processors on local, national and international scales.

Our excellence in terms of cheese and milk includes Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, and Pecorino Sardo, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, and other Italian and international specialities.

We aim to assist you in the daily upkeep of your kitchen by providing all the essentials for cleaning and indispensable cleaning products.

We offer a wide range of biodegradable packaging in food-safe paper, plastic, and aluminium, ideal for cooking and storing your recipes effectively, as well as items that serve to make daily life easier, such as greaseproof paper, aluminium foil, cling film, decorative paper, disposable gloves, bags, and more.

Not just simple products, but bespoke solutions tailored for you

With our distinctive brands, we are able to offer an exceptional variety of products, precisely meeting every specific market need.