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Legal notes

Skalo S.p.a., Via dell’Industria, 8, 60028 Osimo (AN), Italy.
Internal Revenue Cod and VAT number: 00394360424
Certified e-mail box:
Registered at the Company’s Registry of Ancona
REA code: AN 76791
Registered capital: € 2.000.000,00 fully paid-up


The user aknowledges and accepts to use the present website (the website) at his own risk. Furthermore, the user aknowledges and accepts that the website and all its content have been created at the best of Skalo’s knowledge and capability and that, nevertheless, it may contain errors or faults.

As a consequence of the above Skalo does not grant any guarantee, explicit or implicit about such content, its correctness, its property rights or the suitability of such contents to particular uses or goals. For the same reasons Skalo cannot guarantee that the website will be always perfectly compatible with the hardware or the software of the user, neither can Skalo guarantee that third parties, by acting with fraudulent intent, could not link to it computer viruses whose presence may not be immediately detected by Skalo. Skalo will never be responsible for damages suffered by the user in connection with the use of the website or because of harmful software that may be hidden in the website without Skalo’s knowledge.

Skalo cannot be held responsible for the contents and the services included in websites to which the user can have access from the website. When the user gains access to a third website starting from the website, he/she does it knowing that such third website is independent from the website and that the existence of a hyperlink directed to a third website does not imply Skalo’s approval of its contents or of its use.

The present limitation of responsibility does not have the intention to elude the respect of the regulations in force, neither intends to exclude responsibility whenever it is obvious that SKALO is responsible pursuant to the law.


The contents of the website and its script, its design, its texts, tables (if any), its images and sounds and videoclips (if any), even when these last are physically deposited on third party websites to which the website links, and any other information available on the website are protected by the relevant laws concerning the protection of intellectual property. Every trademark and product mentioned in the website are property of their respective owners and can be subject to copyright and/or patents. For no reason whatsoever it is permitted to use, copy and distribute the documents and the images and videoclips/sounds available from the website. Any and every kind of link to the website, when created by third parties, must be approved by Skalo and must not be detrimental to the image and the activities of it. The violation of the above dispositions, with the exception of the case when Skalo authorised it, will be subject to legal actions before the competent civil and penal courts.


The software systems and procedures that are at the base of the operation of the website will acquire some personal data whose transmission is unavoidable with respect to common internet communication protocols. Such informations are not collected with the aim to be associated to any identified party, but their nature could, when used in association with other data accrued by third parties, allow the identification of the users.
Within the category of the above mentioned data are IP addresses and user’s computer identification codes, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of requested resources, request time, method used to put the request, dimension of the file obtained as answer, digital code indicating the server’s response and other.

parameters concerning the operative system and the environment of the user’s source. The above data are used only with the aim to obtain anonymous statistical information about the use of the website and to check its correct functioning, and are cancelled immediately after the processing.

This website does not use cookies for the transmission of personal information, and no persistent cookies are sent.